MIT is a privately owned independent Science and Technology focused university committed to academic excellence coupled with moral discipline and integrity, deploying cutting edge technology and supported by dedicated Research & Development staff.

MIT (GH) has adopted the open university approach to education delivery in order to dramatically improve enrollment and widen the access to tertiary education especially to the youth and the working class.

Our Mission is to organize and assist individual development by providing opportunities for higher learning in an atmosphere or environment consistent with ideas and principles of Christianity irrespective of gender, race or colour.

Establishing facilities for learning and to give quality training in various branches of disciplines, developing student’s ability to think critically and to enhance the highest ethical and moral value and excellent scholarship in our professionals. Promote by research and development the advancement of knowledge and the practical applications to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological challenges.

Provides students with the best academic, professional and practical training including the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging students to appreciate the importance of honest work, and the dignity of labour and integrity at workplace.

Mfantseman Institute of Technology is introducing on-line tertiary education, specifically designed for working adults and the large army of prospective students who are being denied access to university education due to lack of space in the public institutions and will offer outstanding quality education under the guidance of dedicated mentors.

At MIT (GH), we are structured to offer our students great education that will not create financial hardship for you and your family, we believe that all individuals regardless of income, social, economic status, or geographical location should have access to quality, cost-effective higher education, consequently an essential part of our mission is to keep tuition very low and affordable.

MIT (GH) is committed to improving quality learning and access to post-secondary education opportunities by providing a means for individuals to lea independent of time and place and to ea competency-based degrees and other credentials that are credible to both academic institutions and employers.

MIT (GH) is an On-Line University for the 21st Century driven by a mission to expand access to education and address inadequacy of the institutional infrastructure, which hitherto has created a situation where quality candidates are unable to avail themselves to quality tertiary education.

Our dreams and aspirations is to extend education, that’s training of the minds and hands to all ages, creating some programs for the elderly and provide meaningful intellectual exercises to all and sundry.

MIT (GH) will open its doors and give special attention for adult-learners and the working students who need flexibility to achieve their education and career goals. Well structured innovative competency-based academic approach which makes it possible, allowing individuals to fit their lifelong education into their lives, not other way round.