The Faculty of Business Offers the following programmes

Bachelor of Education(Accounting) is a programme intended to train students to teach in both junior and Senior High Schools in Ghana.

The Programme exposes students to all spheres in accounting with respect to technological,theoretical and practical knowledge needed in teaching Graduates from the Programme can take on others careers as Auditors, Financial Analysts and enter the business world aside teaching or lecturing.

This programme is specifically designed to provide: Knowledge and skills in identifying, investigating and examining evidence skills,including the process and how to identify financial misrepresentation, transaction reconstruction,tax evasion and other improper accounting activities.

Accounting skills for use in litigation, civil,criminal and corporate world.

Effective oral and written communication skills related to forensic accounting.

Abilities in building and presenting a fraud case and understanding the impact it can have on an organization.The students should be able to work in an accounting oriented firms.


The combination of accounting,auditing and investigation skills will create accounting professionals with the skills and knowledge to carry out investigations and participate as expert witnesses in trials.

Graduates could work in areas from bankruptcy and divorce cases to major fraud and capital crime cases where investigating accounting is needed.Upon completion of a B.Sc with a specialism in Forensic Accounting,students are eligible for EXEMPTIONS in the below Professional bodies

LSBF in London offers mentorship for ACCA/Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting Programme.

Students studying for the preparatory course for ACCA now have the opportunity to obtain a degree from Oxford Brookes University,a recognized and highly respected UK University.jointly designed by the ACCA and the Oxford Brookes University.


Candidates with the following qualifications can apply :

SSSCE(Passes in 3 core and 3 electives)

WASSCE (Passes in 3 core and 3 electives )

General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE)

Higher National Diploma (HND)

Mature Students of not less than 25yrs

Advanced Business Certificated Examination (ABCE) Candidates
International Students.