Selection of candidates for admission

The final decision on the suitability of candidates for admission to any course rests with the Academic Affairs Committee.

Registration of fresh students

All fresh students are expected to register at the Academic Section and in their Academic Department/Faculty upon arrival at MIT (GH), Cape Coast campus. The registration forms must be endorsed by Heads of Department/Deans. No student shall be permitted to register by proxy.

Registration of fresh students shall not be considered complete unless a medical examination has been passed.

Penalty for non-registration or late registration

Students who fail to register shall lose their student status.


Orientation for fresh students shall take place at the beginning of the academic year and all fresh students are required to participate.

Structure of Semester

A semester shall be of 16 weeks duration and shall be structured as follows:

14 weeks of teaching
1 week of revision
1 week of examination

Academic Advisor

Students shall be assigned academic advisor(s) in every department who shall provide counsel on course offerings.

Duration of Study Programme

The minimum period for completion of the Bachelor’s degree programs shall be six (6) semesters and the maximum period shall be twelve (12) semesters.
The minimum and maximum periods are calculated from the date of first registration.

Transfer of Students

The academic transcripts of students transferred from other universities or institutions of higher leaing will be assessed

Transfer of Courses

A student enrolled at MIT (GH), Cape Coast desiring to take courses at another institution of higher leaing and desiring to have those credits applied toward a degree at MIT (GH), Cape Coast must seek the prior approval of the Registration and other appropriate University officials.

A student given such approval must ensure that an official transcript is submitted to the office of the Registrar immediately upon the completion of the course(s).

Student Categories

Full-time studies

A student shall be registered as a full-time student if he/she enrols in any one semester for a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 21 credits. Any enrolment for less than 18 credits will be regarded as part-time except as indicated in (ii) below.
Normally, a student shall not be allowed to enroll for less than 18 credits for course work in any semester except if it is to satisfy Faculty requirements.
Part-time students

The University may allow students to register for part-time studies. Such students must complete their programs in not more than twelve (12) semesters.

Requirement for Award of a Degree

To be eligible for the award of a degree, a candidate must satisfactorily complete the minimum number of credits prescribed for the degree. He/she must, in addition, complete successfully all compulsory courses as well as any special course for the degree as prescribed for registration. A course cannot be counted twice (e.g. from repeat) in computation of the minimum number of courses.